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Leading in the field of conversation AI chatbots with low resources नेपाली Language.
Golu-The smart chatbot
Golu is the smartest chatbot and ranks on the top list. It can handle 80% of the complex queries and handle your customers. It is built to add value to your business with its intelligence and smartness. The new era of customer interaction and marketing.
Muna is a Local government chatbot that answers queries regarding government. It provides information on all the government related services including Citizenship, Marriage certificate, Birth certificate, National Id, Covid, Dengue, and grievance. Muna aims to foster innovation and modernization in local governments by providing better services for citizens like easy navigation through government website portals, offering instant responses and consistent answers.
Dignity Bot, a chatbot sanitation workers can use through messaging applications. The aim of dignity bot is to enhance working conditions and safeguard sanitation workers health. The chatbot comprehends both Nepali Devanagari and Romanized script, making communication smooth and straightforward. It is a virtual companion for workers, connecting them with customers.
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Localizing AI is our mission. AI is a powerful technology that can help all kinds of businesses directly and indirectly. Finding an AI software development company in Nepal is hard, which has become the new barrier for the go-getter’s companies. Hence, our mission is to make intelligent software available for all kinds of organization as per their requirement with high accuracy and simplicity.
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